About Us


Cardinair is a management and IT consultancy offering a wide range of professional and technicial expertise In web design, ERP and CRM solutions. Combining this expertise with broad business knowledge enables us to provide solutions that deliver sustainable benefit to support any part of your business. Cardinair’s success is founded on the strengths of our people and our focus on the requirements of our customers. All of our team have worked in commercial organisations as managers and within the leading UK consulting firms, amongst them KPMG and Atos Consulting.

We are passionate about our focus on the delivery of real business benefits to clients. We have worked with a range of businesses and appreciate that what it is important to you:

  • Value for money
  • Excellent customer service
  • Having suppliers who are people that you can do business with
  • Being left in control of the end result

Businesses are becoming increasingly dynamic as they face a demanding future. Any investment in the capability of a business to deliver must be leveraged to achieve maximum return. Operational costs must be increasingly challenged while every opportunity for revenue must be maximised. Cardinair’s services are designed to address these issues as to a wide variety of clients from large international organisations to small local businesses needing to make significant changes in these business operations.

Our Principles

  • We will always meet you to discuss exactly what benefits you are trying to achieve before working out what needs to be done.
  • Our goal is for you to take ownership of systems and processes that we implement so that you maintain them without having to bring in external consultants.
  • We aim to consistently display an approach based on quality and integrity.
  • You will know exactly what you are going to pay and what you are going to receive (and just as importantly, not receive).
  • We adopt an open approach to commercial aspects of the project.
  • Regardless of the size of project or customer, we go through a structured implementation methodology to ensure success. Every step is considered and executed – the difference between a large project and a small project is the degree to which each step is pursued.

Our Relationships

Cardinair builds long-term relationships with clients because it delivers consistently high quality solutions and helps clients to meet their objectives. The company was founded in May 2005 by Richard Kilcoyne, an experienced management consultant. Richard spent 5 years with KPMG Consulting, completing a MBA at Warwick Business School during that time. Then in 2004, he moved into consultancy with small and medium sized businesses in the North West. Before working as a consultant, he worked in hi-tech, leading edge automotive suppliers in the North East in operations and supply chain management roles.

To better support its customers by providing the best people to achieve results, Cardinair is committed to forging partner relationships with leading specialist consultancies and associate consultants. If the best person for your project to succeed is an associate or from a partner, then they will work on your project. We have a history of achieving results with these firms by making the most of their specialist skills.

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