Gain Value

Gain Value from Your Existing IT

Around 75% of your annual IT budget will be spent on maintaining existing systems and that cost is increasing as the complexity of your IT set up increases. Business flexibility is hampered by legacy systems sewn together in a technical patchwork. Complex procurement processes, lack of IT standards and vendors happy to build customised solutions rather than help you streamline your business have left businesses locked into costly and complicated arrangements with many suppliers. In most cases, incoherent IT spend, changes in business circumstances and independent spending on IT by individuals have led to poorly integrated systems across the business.

IT solutions that we have helped to enhance include:

  • The redesign of a software solution for manufacturing firms to be marketed and sold to financial services firms.
  • A search engine where customers can search your systems for the information they ring up for, reducing the number of call centre operators needed.
  • Management for the testing of a warehouse being rolled out though a network of distribution sites.

Gain Value from Your Website

It’s a fact of business life that a business with poor quality products can succeed, while a great business offering high quality and fantastic value products and service can sink completely.

Why can this happen? Generally this is down to the effectiveness, or more precisely ineffectiveness, of their marketing. With really good marketing, a business can realise their potential.

For many firms, their presence on the internet is key to their overall marketing strategy so they overlook that marketing in the web is specialist. However a lack of co-ordination between other sales channels and a web site can result in a lack of visitors or low conversion of visitors to customers.

Cardinair offers a web marketing service that can help you maximise your investment in a web site. Many firms offer some very effective, sophiscated solutions to web marketing. We are different in that we understand you are in business to enjoy what you do, not spend time and effort on web sites.

If you can use the internet yourself and are prepared to spend an hour a week working on your web site, we can help you make the most of the money that you have already invested using technology appropriate to you.

In just a few hours, we can work with you to demonstrate simple tools and techniques on your site to improve your ratings on search engines, increase traffic to your website and convert visitors to customers.

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