Invest Wisely

Investing Wisely in IT

When you are faced with a huge range of options about how to spend on IT, we can work with you to identify your issues and then help you find a path through the maze of the software market to identify exactly what you need and who the best people to help you are. It is critical to us that we have no allegiance to any particular software vendors so can give you completely independent advice.

Solutions that we have helped to implement for customers include:

  • A sales, quotation and administration system for an insurance firm. The turn-around time for quotes reduced from 3 weeks to less than 2 hours and the client data had to be entered only once rather than 4 times.
  • A self-service internet portal for an organisation so that its members could update personal data and pay subscriptions online. This freed up administration staff for more valuable work where they could work directly with members.
  • ERP business software for a retailer of CDs, DVDs and books to improve their finance and logistics processes.

This kind of business analysis work can seem like an unnecessary luxury in a business where funds are restricted. However, our track record demonstrates that spending a little bit of money up front can save significant costs in buying and managing IT over its life.

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